TOXFREE ZH - ES05Z1-K & H07Z1-K (AS)

Electrolytic copper, class 5 (flexible), based on EN 60228.
Cross-linked polyolephine insulation.
The Toxfree ES05Z1-K & ES07Z1-K (AS) halogen free single core cable is a high security cable. In the event of fire, it does not emit toxic gases, thereby protecting people. Nor does it give off corrosive gases, avoiding any possible damage to electronic equipment. For these reasons it is recommended for use in public places such as: hospitals, schools, museums, airports, bus terminals, shops in general, etc., as well as in computer rooms, offices, production plants, switchboard wiring, laboratories, etc.
Rated voltage: ES05Z1-K (AS) (up to 1mm2): 300/500V. H072Z1-K (AS)
(from 1.5mm2 on wards) 450/750 V. • Flexible conductor class 5 • Minimum service temperature: 5C • Maximum service temperature: 70C • Maximum short-circuit temperature: 160C (maximum 5 s) • Minimum bending radius: 5 x cable diameter • Flame non-propagation • Fire non-propagation • LSZH • Low smoke emission: Light transmittance > 60% • Low corrosive gases emission • Environmentally friendly