Topsolar PV – ZZ-F (AS)

Class 5 tinned copper, based on EN 60228.
LSZH Rubber E16 type.
Flexible cables for mobile service and for fixed installations. Suitable for interconnection of photovoltaic panels and from panels to inverter of dc to ac. High security cables (AS): no fire propagation, low smoke fumes and halogen free. These cables are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.
Flexible conductor class 5 • Minimum service temperature: -40C • Maximum service temperature: 120C • Maximum short-circuit temperature: 250C (maximum 5 s) • Minimum bending radius 3 x cable diameter • Meter by meter marking • Flame non-propagation • Fire non-propagation • LSZH • Low smoke emission: Light transmittance >60C • Low corrosive gases emission • Environmentally friendly • Outdoor installation: permanent • Water resistance: AD7 immersion • Chemical & oil resistance: excellent • Low extreme temperature resistance: excellent • UV resistant • Estimated lifetime 30 years