FLEXTEL 200 - VV - K

The 0.6 /1kV control cable
Electrolytic copper, class 5, based on EN 60228.
The Flextel 200 VV-K cable is suitable for fixed installations with complex layouts where flexible cables are required. It is also used for connecting motors or frequency converters. The characteristics of the outer sheath material make this cable extremely versatile as it provides a high level of protection in all types of environments.
Flexible conductor class 5 • Minimum service temperature: -15C • Maximum service temperature: 70C Maximum short-circuit temperature: 160C (maximum 5 s) • Minimum bending radius 5 x cable diameter • Meter by meter marking • Flame non-propagation • Impact resistant: AG2 medium impact • Outdoor installation: permanent • Water resistance: AD6 waves • Chemical & oil resistance: good